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Family Practice

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Comprehensive care by caring physicians
in a comfortable environment .

We are sorry that we are not accepting new patients.

We are Family Physicians trained to manage a wide variety of medical conditions including but not limited to: general medicine, women's health, infant and child care, sports injuries, mental health, addictions, chronic diseases, geriatrics and some surgical procedures.  We coordinate consultations with specialist colleagues for more difficult problems.  Under certain circumstances we will see you in your home.  We provide comprehensive and continuous care to our patients in a friendly, respectful and comfortable office environment.  We keep your electronic medical record secure, encrypted and backed up remotely.  Our team of physicians and medical office assistants aim to provide you with exceptional primary health care. 

We are grateful to have locum and casual physicians who provide excellent care during times when the regular physicians are not available. This means that most times our patients can avoid going to an urgent care clinic. Call the office early in the day to secure a same day appointment reserved for those urgent problems that just can't wait. 

After Hours Care

Our physicians belong to an "on call" group of family physicians who cover calls for each other during evenings, weekends and on holidays. You can contact the physician on call by calling 250-940-4500. Please have your BC CareCard number ready to give to the physician. If you do not have BC Medical Coverage there may be a fee for telephone advice. 

Try HealthLink BC at 8-1-1to speak to a nurse 24 hours a day.

Of course, if it is an emergency dial 9-1-1!

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(250) 477-7100



200-3994 Shelbourne Street
Victoria, BC
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M-F 8-5

Phones are answered

9-12:00, 1:30-4:00


Online Appointment Booking is ON HOLD as of September 17th, 2019 while we transfer data to a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Appointments previously booked on Yocale are secure. If you need to cancel a Yocale appointment, call or email us at upfp.moa”at”

Our new EMR “Med Access” will have a secure interface for online booking. It will allow you access to your
doctor’s full schedule of open appointments. The patient portal is “Health Myself” and will also send you automated reminders of your booked appointments. We will send a registration email to patients when our system is running.
Take a peek at

During our EMR transition you may call for appointments (250) 477-7100 from 9-12:00 and 1:30-4:00.

Staff will have to call you back with your appointment request while we get the new system running.

We are so grateful for your patience while we upgrade our services for you!


You may go to LifeLabs for blood, urine and other tests.  Take the paper requisition given to you by the physician with you.
Certain tests require a pre-booked appointment: 

  1.  Ambulatory Blood Pressure
  2.  Lactose Tolerance/Hydrogen Breath Test
  3.  Holter Monitor
  4.  Legal Urine Drug Screen
  5.  Semen Analysis

       Find the location nearest to you

       Register online to book an appointment at the lab

       Phone LifeLabs to book an appointment    1-855-412-4495

       Register online to see your own test results:  My e-Health

WestCoast Medical Imaging Locations - Office Based
You may go to a WestCoast Medical Imaging office for walk-in X-Ray without an appointment.  Take the paper requisition given to you by the physician with you.  If you need an Ultrasound, we will send the order in and the imaging centre will call you with a date and time. 

       Find the WestCoast Medical Imaging location nearest to you

       Preparing for X-Ray tests at WestCoast Medical Imaging

       Preparing for an Ultrasound at WestCoast Medical Imaging

Island Health Medical Imaging - Hospital Based
You may go to a local hospital Medical Imaging department for walk-in X-Ray without an appointment.  Take the paper requisition given to you by the physician with you.  If you need an Ultrasound, CT Scan, Bone Scan, or other special test we will send the order in and the imaging department will call you with a date and time. 

Find the Island Health Medical Imaging Department Nearest to you

Information about Island Health Ultrasound

Information about Island Health CT Scan

Information about Island Health Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan

Information about Island Health Flouroscopy

Information about Island Health MRI Scan

Information about Island Health Breast Imaging


Island Health Pulmonary Function Lab
Your physician may ask you to have lung function testing done.  This is booked by our office and the department will call you with you appointment.

             Information about Pulmonary Function Testing